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In Topic this term we will be learning about how Crime and Punishment has changed over time. We will travel through time to different eras and become detectives, judges and even criminals in different cases! We will start our journey in the Ancient Roman times and travel through the main eras in British history to the modern times, looking at the introduction and abolishment of different punishment and establishments. During this we will immerse ourselves in a Victorian workhouse and turn the classroom into a real-life courtroom. In our Art sessions we will be looking at paintings from the different eras that we will be looking at in History and we will develop our drawing skills through creating accurate and proportionate self-portraits for Wanted Posters of ourselves!




In our Guided Reading sessions we are currently focusing on our inference and deduction skills, by looking for clues in the text. There are lots of interesting and exciting books for Year Sixes to read and we encourage them to read as much as they can across a range of genres. We really enjoy hearing children talk about the books they have read and hope to encourage this enjoyment for reading.



This term year 6 are going to delve into the world of story-telling by looking at how to create exciting characters, develop plots and create an atmosphere in our writing to engage the reader. We will explore other genres of writing, such as letter and diary writing, and look at how they can also be used to tell a story..We will be learning how to improve and edit our writing to ensure it has a variety of complex and compound sentences, as well as some exciting conjunctions, punctuation and vocabulary. 


To view the English objectives that we will cover this year, please click on the link below:

Year 6 English Objectives



In Maths we are recapping and revising our knowledge of place value. We will be using this to help us multiply and divide numbers up to three decimal places by 10/100/1000. We will also be ensuring we have a good understanding of written methods for addition and subtraction as well as recalling our times tables quickly. All of these skills will be put into practice when solving real life problems.