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Mrs Johnson

                     Miss Dearn (Team Leader) & Miss Nash

Mrs Harris & Mrs Mayling

Welcome to Year 6

Miss Dearn, Mrs Harris, Mrs Johnson, Mrs Mayling, Miss Nash

Mrs Abbott, Mrs Creighton, Mrs Kingston, Mrs McCrae


Welcome to a new school year in Year 6; we are looking forward to a great year full of lots of learning!

We have had a fab first few weeks in Year 6; each child has received their new gold ties which they have worn with pride. The teachers have been amazed by the positivity of our new year group – they have been kind, sensible and worked well as part of a team during our group activity making towers from marshmallows and spaghetti – we ended in quite a mess but loved seeing everyone work well together and persevere. We think this sets us up for a great rest of the year! 

Year 6 have begun reading the book Wonder, which we are basing our English on this term. A wonderful book with a good message, which we are following:

When given the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind

Please ask your children what their kindness bingo tasks are; can they complete these at home too? We would love to know if they have!

Our topic learning this first half term will focus on Thame! We are looking forward to learning about our lovely local area with some exciting lessons planned! We have created some wonderful mapwork inspired art and begun creating our own maps of Thame online.

Please let any teachers in year 6 know if you have additional knowledge about Thame which you would like to share with the children; we love having visitors. 

Year 6 Topic Web Autumn 2 2019

Year 6 Topic Web Autumn 1 2019


After lining up at 8:50, Year 6 complete Early Morning Activities in their books which focus on Maths, Reading, Writing and SPaG skills, before moving onto the rest of their lessons. Please ensure your child is ready to line up for 8:50 to ensure they are not missing out on key learning activities first thing in the morning!

Our Day

Maths, including Times Table Rockstars (which is as great as it sounds; practising times tables to rock music!!)

The Daily Mile


Guided reading

English (including grammar lessons and Big Write lessons on Thursdays)


Topic – Geography, history, DT,RE, Art, Computing, Music, PSHE, PE

Please ensure your child has their trainers in school every day so they can run the Daily Mile – we are encouraging Year 6 to see how many laps they can run in the time they are given…. Each lap completed results in a Dojo (reward points which equal some prizes….. watch this space to find out what!). PE happens on Friday afternoons; please ensure your child has their correct PE kit in school.


Homework will be handed out on Fridays, due in the following Wednesday. If your child would like to, they can attend Homework Club on Tuesday lunchtimes. Please note, if homework is not completed, this will mean that Wednesday lunchtime will be spent inside completing this, so please encourage your child to go to Homework Club on Tuesdays! 


We love reading in Year 6 and want to see your child enjoy reading as much as we as staff do! Please ensure your child is reading at least 3 times per week at home. Your child doesn’t need parental signatures in reading diaries, but we do insist on reading at least 3 times. Each time a child reads three times, they will add a tick to our Read to Succeed chart; once we reach 200 ticks, the class will receive a class reward. Which Year 6 class will get their reward first?!

At the back of your child's reading diary, you may notice reading questions which are great to use when your child is reading as these will help to develop their reading comprehension and understanding of the text. If your child answers one of these questions when reading, please write the question and their brief answer in their reading diary. 

Please follow the link below for guidance on books to read by the end of Year 6. Please also remember that library trips are a great opportunity for your child to broaden their literary range, so if you haven’t yet joined the library, please consider doing so!


Each child will receive the same 10 spellings each week, which will be handed out on a Friday, the rule taught on Monday and then tested on the Friday, giving children a week to learn these spellings and the rule. If your child is finding the spellings less challenging, please encourage them to think of spellings which follow this rule and others that don’t. What’s the longest word they can find, using that spelling rule? And so on!