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Barley Hill Primary School

Barley Hill Primary School
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Mrs Penny


Mrs Plested

Deputy Headteacher


Early Years Foundation Stage

 Class Name Class Teacher  Teaching Assistants


Mrs King / Mrs Cyna  

Mrs Clarke

Mrs Poulter

Mrs Raja

Ms Webb


Miss Rooney/Mrs Romeril

Caterpillars Mrs Davies (Team Leader)/Mrs Romeril


Year 1

 Class Name Class Teacher  Teaching Assistants

Mrs Roberts (Team Leader)/Mrs Romeril


Mrs Andrews

Ms Waite

 Bumblebees Miss Smith/Mrs Boyle
Dragonflies Mrs Humphries


Year 2

 Class Name Class Teacher  Teaching Assistants

Miss Fraser (Team Leader)  

 Mrs Moody

Mrs Churchman

Mrs Stevenson

Mice Miss Walker 


Year 3

Class Name   Class Teacher Teaching Assistant

Mrs Gray (Team Leader)/Miss Nash

Mrs Smith

Ms Webb

Meerkats Miss Hussain


Year 4

Class Name   Class Teacher Teaching Assistants 

Mrs Plested (Team Leader)/Mrs MacDougall

Mrs Weedon

Ms Berry

Zebras  Mrs Taylor
Rhinos  Mr Pursani


Year 5

Class Name   Class Teacher Teaching Assistants 
 Sharks  Miss Swift (Team Leader)

 Ms Carr

Mrs Palanca

Mrs Edwards

Dolphins Mrs Gunn
 Whales  Mr Brown


Year 6

Class Name   Class Teacher Teaching Assistant 

Miss Dearn (Team Leader)/Miss Nash

Mrs Abbott

 Mrs McRae

Mrs Kingston

Ms Creighton

 Lions  Mrs Johnson
 Tigers  Mrs Harris & Mrs Mayling


Other Staff

PPA Cover

Ms Womack


 Mrs Minchin

Special Needs Team 

SENCO – Mrs Nethercott

SEN Assistant -  

TA Lunchtime Supervision Team 

Mrs Andrews, Mrs Creighton,  Mrs Raja, Mrs Poulter,  Mrs Webb,  Mrs Weedon, Mrs Ahmed,
Mrs Warwick,  Mrs L Smith, Mrs Palanca, Mrs Carr, Mrs Davies, Mrs Rogers, Miss Wallace, Mrs Attridge 
Ms Stevenson, Ms Waite, Ms Berry

 Childcare Team

Childcare Co-ordinator - Mrs Sweetman

Childcare Administrator - Mrs Foster

Mrs Jeffrey, Mrs Creighton, Mrs Drinkwater, Mrs Curnick, 
Mrs Shields, Mrs Burt, Mr Cyna, Mrs Forecast, Mrs Moody

Premises Team 


Cleaner-in-charge - Mr White

Cleaners - Mrs Bateman, Ms Lee, Mrs Scott, Miss Raven, Ms Rutherford, Ms Schramm

Catering Team 

Cook - Ms Knight

Mrs Bushby, Mrs Long, Mrs Blagdon, Miss Stanley, Mrs Oates

Administration Team   School Business Manager - Mrs Fendom

PA to Headteacher and Office Manager- Mrs Cole

Administration Assistants -                 Mrs Foster & Mrs Hayes