Mice Hedgehogs
Miss Walker

Miss Fraser (Team Leader)

Welcome to Year Two 2019-2020!

In Year Two you will find the Hedgehogs and Mice classes taught by Miss Fraser (Team Leader) and Miss Walker.  You will also find happy, engaged and motivated learners who are a credit to our wonderful school!

In Year Two our PE days are Monday and Friday.  Please leave your PE kit in school during the week.  The children also need trainers when going on the adventure playground.  Other equipment needed includes: a pencil case, water bottle, and fruit.

The children are busy building their independence, and, as a result, should come into school by themselves and organise their equipment.  It is important that the children are in school for 8.55am as our learning begins straight away.

Each day the children will take part in a reading session, phonics, English and Maths lesson.  In addition to this they will also have geography lessons, history, PE, computing, RE, Science, spellings, PHSE and music.  The children will be encouraged to run the daily mile each day and will also attend three whole school assemblies per week.

Term One - Thame Explorers

This term our topic is all about exploring where we live with a focus on Geography skills.  We will use maps and atlases to identify our location and where this is in relation to key cities such as London and Oxford.  We will be learning the differences between a city, town and village.  The children will also create their own maps and use maps to walk around the town and find key areas of interest, for example the town hall.  We are very lucky as Thame is made up of lots of different style of buildings and we will be thinking about which ones are our favourites.  In English we will be focussing on a fiction book - The Great Explorer - and towards the end of the term we will be creating our very own adventure story! 




It is really important to read with your child as often as possible.  Your child should have the opportunity to change their school reading books twice a week - please encourage your child to do this - which allows them to read the book a few times in order to gain confidence and fluency. As you are reading it is useful to stop and ask questions about what the book is about, what the characters are doing and what might happen next.   At the end of the book get your child to think about what they like or did not like about the book and reasons why. Please fill in your child's Reading Diary once you have read with them - if they have their reading diary signed three times in a week then they will help their class to earn a class reward!

If you would like to help with reading in school then please see Miss Fraser.  Afternoons are best for this if possible.



Every week your child has plenty of opportunities to write. We encourage the children to write at length in many different subjects. We also have a weekly Big Write session where we focus on writing lots of different text types, e.g. traditional tale, diary entry, explanation text. The children write with a cursive, joined - up script and will practise their gross and fine motor skills daily to improve their handwriting.  

Year 2 Topic Web Autumn 2 2019 

Year 2 Topic Web Autumn 1 2019

To view the English objectives that we will be cover this year, please click on the link below.

Year 2 English Objectives



Throughout the year we will cover; number and place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, measurement, properties of shapes, position and direction and data handling (now called statistics). 

We are currently working on learning number facts by heart - the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables, double and half facts to 20 and number bonds to 10 and 20.