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Welcome to Year Two 2023 - 2023

Class  Teacher   


Miss Fraser (Team Leader) 


 Mrs Taylor (Mon -Weds) and Mrs Mayling (Thurs - Fri)


  Miss Munro 

Our wonderful TA team consists of Mrs P-W, Miss Raja and Miss Stanley.

Joining Year Two in 2023-24? Please see our powerpoint with information:

Welcome to Year Two 2023-24.pptx


Be Kind, Be Brilliant

Term Two - Real Life Superheroes

Please see further below with how to help your child at home.

This term we will focus on two books. The first being "Tell me a dragon" where we will create our own dragons to help us write a non-fiction information page.  The second book is the magical "The Polar Express" which will lead us into Christmas. This half term, our science topic will focus on humans and what they need in order to stay healthy. We will look at different types of exercise and why keeping fit is important. 

Our topic this term has a strong history focus.  We will learn about 3 real-life superheroes  - Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela and Emily Davison - and compare what they did to help change our world that we live in.  We will also think back to people in the past that we learnt about in Year One.  We will look at various forms of discrimination and how this impacts people’s lives – from the past and now.  The children will then create their own speech about changes they would make to our world to make it a fairer place.

In Art, we will be focussing on drawing portraits. We will look at lots of different techniques and skills including using watercolours, pastels, collage and different lines.  We will also look at several different artists who were famous for creating portraits -  Picasso, Paul Klee and Andy Warhol. 

In ourdoor PE (Thursdays), we will be learning about different strategies to help us to run for a longer period of time, how to use different parts of our body to jump further and how to add more power to our throws.

In indoor PE (Mondays) we will learn how to put a variety of jumps and balances into a sequence, to perform a teddy bear roll and improve our flexibility to hold a bridge shape and take our weight on our hands to move in different ways.

Maths is taught very differently nowadays. We highly recommend you check out our "crib sheets" below to see how we teach our various units - this term it is addition and subtraction.


How to help at home

Below are links to crib sheets which we have created to help with how we teach maths, reading and writing at school and ways you can help at home. If you need any further information, please speak to your class teacher. There are also Maths videos below which support with addition and subtraction.

In Term Two our focus is on addition and subtraction.   We will look at numbers up to 100 and add 1 and 2 digit numbers together..  See the crib sheet below for further information.

Maths crib sheet for addition and subtraction:   Crib sheet for addition and subtraction term 2.docx

In Year 2 we learn the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables.  You can find these here: Year 2 times tables 2, 3, 5 and 10.pdf

Videos for addition and subtraction:

Y2 Autumn Block 2 TS6 Add by making 10 on Vimeo


Y2 Autumn Block 2 TS15 Add two 2digit numbers (not across a 10) on Vimeo

Y2 Autumn Block 2 TS16 Add two 2digit numbers (across a 10) on Vimeo

Y2 Autumn Block 2 TS18 Subtract two 2digit numbers (across a 10) on Vimeo

Y2 Autumn Block 2 TS19 Mixed addition and subtraction on Vimeo

Writing and Reading:

For spelling and reading, the children need to know how to read and spell the Year One and Year Two common exception words. They can be found here: Year 1 common exception words.pdf      Year 2 common exception words.pdf

Every child will be taught how to form their letters using cursive handwriting.  They start with a lead in and end with a flick out.  This is great to practise at home and you can use the sheet here: Handwriting practise.pdf

How to teach Writing in Year 2.docx

How to teach Reading in Year 2 ii.docx

Sounds Write intial code mat.docx

Please see quality books to read at home: https://images.scholastic.co.uk/assets/a/e9/cb/pie-corbett-yr2-1393273.pdf

Recommended reads for Year Two children - Recommended Books to Read for year two.docx

Please take a look at the Sounds Write section on our website, which includes links to a series of videos about how to help with reading at home.


Reading is the most important activity you can do at home with your child. Please try to read for 10 minutes each day, but at least three times a week. This will help your child to learn new vocabulary, read fluently and hopefully develop a love for books.

PurpleMash  and Numbots homework is set weekly.  5 minutes of Numbots a day is a great way to help your child learn number facts by heart.

 Our school day

Day starts at 8.45-8.55am with early morning learning

8.55am Register

9am Phonics

9.30 English

10.20 Snack

10.30 Break

10.45 Maths

11.45 Lunch

12.45 Story

1pm Topic/Science

2pm Topic/Science/handwriting/reading

3pm Singing/games/story

3.15pm Home time

Topic may include History, Geography, Art, D and T, Music, RE

On a Wednesday the children will take part in a Jigsaw PHSE lesson linked to Zones of Regulation.

On a Monday the children will have indoor PE and on a Thursday outdoor PE.

On a Monday the children will visit the school library.

Once a fortnight, the children will spend one afternoon a week at Forest School.