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Barley Hill Primary School

Barley Hill Primary School
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Ethos, Vision and Values

Our School Vision

We are a learning community built upon respect and communication. We celebrate every effort and achievement, encouraging pride and high expectations in all we do. We value diversity and individuality to create a warm, safe and secure environment. We nurture the well-being of every child through fun, creative and challenging learning.

At Barley Hill we place learning at the heart of all that we do. We are a Growth Mindset School; and promote the idea that intelligence is fluid, something that will flourish through hard work, effort, perseverance and resilience. As opposed to a fixed mindset where intelligence seen as being inherent, with individuals being naturally good at certain things and see no reason to develop other talents or skills beyond their current abilities. Alongside promotion of Growth Mindset we promote Building Learning Power At Barley Hill. We encourage all children to talk about their learning more effectively through our Building Learning Power initiative. attachment).

We encourage all our children to enjoy and achieve in all aspects of school life; to be healthy; to stay safe and to make a positive contribution to our community.

We create a vibrant inclusive learning environment where children:

  • Learn to share and care.

  • Develop good manners and show consideration to and for others.
  • Develop skills needed for forming relationships, understanding the meaning of loyalty and friendship.

  • Realise and understand that actions have consequences for oneself and others.

  • Understand the need for rules and keeping them.

  • Appreciate strengths and recognise the same in others.

  • Solve problems, take risks and be creative.

  • Celebrate their own and others’ achievements.

  • Learn to value themselves and those around them; respecting spiritual, moral, social and cultural differences in the world in which they live.

To support our Vision, Barley Hill will provide a safe, stimulating and secure environment for learning and encourage all our children to:

  • Be happy and enthusiastic learners.
  • Be emotionally literate.

  • Accept, seek and thrive on challenge.

  • Act responsibly in their everyday life.

  • Understand their responsibility towards the environment.

  • Foster their self-esteem and a sense of achievement.

  • Develop the skills and attitudes to promote lifelong learning.

  • Understand discrimination or bullying is not tolerated.

  • Learn how to become responsible members of society.

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