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Welcome to Year Three 2022-23

Koalas Class Teacher Lemurs class Teachers

Miss Daulton

(Team leader)

Miss Hussain

Teaching Assistants supporting children:

Mrs Manning, Mrs Stevenson and Mr Fox

Term Two – Tribal Tales

Please see further below with how to help your child at home.

This term we will focus on two books. The first being "Iron Man" where we will create our own iron men and improve our descriptive writing.  The second book is the "Stone Age Boy" which will lead us into Christmas. This half term, our science topic will focus on Forces and Magnets We will look at different materials and performing a variety of experiments.

Our topic this term has a strong history focus.  We will learn all about the stone age and how people lived.  We will create timelines linked to chronology and learn about how life changed during this period in history.  We will investigate design and art from this era, look at Pre-historic farming techniques, learn about ‘Cheddar man, study the tools early-man used and how the tools were made. 

In Art, We will learn about the pottery of the Beaker folk.  We will copy and draw the distinctive shapes and patterns of Beaker pottery and then design and make Beaker-style clay beakers. We will also learn about stone and bone tools from across the Stone Age.  We will look at Iron Age jewellery designs.  We will then design an Iron Age piece of jewellery

In outdoor PE (Monday), we will be learning about the game of rugby. We will learn techniques and the rules of the game. In indoor PE (Tuesday) we will learn how to dance. We will learn variety of different steps and learn the importance of rhythm.

How to help at home

Below are links for information to help with how we teach maths, reading and writing at school and ways you can help at home. There are also Maths videos below which support. In Term Two, our focus is on addition and subtraction first and then multiplication and division. 

In Year 3 we learn the 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables.  You can find these here: 

Videos for addition and subtraction:

Y3 Autumn Block 2 TS11 Add two numbers (no exchange) on Vimeo

Y3 Autumn Block 2 TS12 Subtract two numbers (no exchange) on Vimeo

Y3 Autumn Block 2 TS13 Add two numbers (across a 10) on Vimeo

Y3 Autumn Block 2 TS15 Subtract two numbers (across a 10) on Vimeo

Videos for Multiplication and Division:

Y3 Autumn Block 3 TS1 Multiplication equal groups on Vimeo

Y3 Autumn Block 3 TS2 Use arrays on Vimeo

Y3 Autumn Block 3 TS5 Sharing and grouping on Vimeo

Y3 Autumn Block 3 TS6 Multiply by 3 on Vimeo

Y3 Autumn Block 3 TS7 Divide by 3 on Vimeo

Writing and Reading:

For spelling and reading, the children need to know how to read and spell the Year One and Year Two common exception words. They can be found here: 

Year 1 and 2 common exception words.pdf

Year 3 and 4 common exception words.pdf

Every child will be taught how to form their letters using cursive handwriting.  They start with a lead in and end with a flick out.  This is great to practise at home and you can use the sheet here:

Handwriting practise.pdf


Reading is the most important activity you can do at home with your child. Please try to read for 10 minutes each day, but at least three times a week. This will help your child to learn new vocabulary, read fluently and hopefully develop a love for books.

PurpleMash and Times Table Rockstars homework is set weekly.  5 minutes of Times Table Rockstars a day is a great way to help your child learn times table by heart.


Our school day

Our classroom doors will open at 8.45am and registration will begin at 8.50am.  The children will be ready for collection at 3.15pm

Please walk your child to the exterior door of their classroom.  There is no need to line up on the playground, once the door is open the allocated adults will be waiting inside to get started with the days learning. Please be aware that it is very difficult for the teacher to have a conversation with a parent at this time as we are trying to help the children with their coats and bags and get them settled. If you wish to speak to the teacher, please email the school office.


Year 3 will have PE outdoors on Mondays and Tuesdays.  To allow more time for PE we will be asking children in Year 3 to come into school in their PE kits on a Monday and Tuesday.  Children will remain in their PE kits for the whole day.

They can wear their normal school shoes to school on PE days and then change into trainers once on site so that we can keep their trainers in school for the Daily Mile.

Reading At Home: 

It is really important to read with your child as often as possible. Your child will have the opportunity to change their school reading books at least once a week - please encourage your child to do this - which allows them to read the book three times in order to gain confidence and fluency. As you are reading it is useful to stop and ask questions about what the book is about, what the characters are doing and what might happen next. At the end of the book get your child to think about what they like or did not like about the book and reasons why. 

Recommended texts for Year 3 - Year 3 Top 100 Recommended Reads Updated (Poster) V2.pdf