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Our Curriculum - Intent

At Barley Hill Primary School, our firmly-held belief of ‘educating the whole child’ underpins every aspect of our carefully designed curriculum, which inspires, excites and enthuses our life-long learners.  We have a caring, supportive and inclusive learning environment where every child is valued as a learner and citizen.

Our broad and rich first-hand learning experiences, capture the imagination of the children, enabling them to be creative, critical thinkers.  The varied, stimulating opportunities and skills based lessons enable the children to connect and build their knowledge over time across all subjects, ensuring challenge for all and that each child is ready for the next stage of their learning.  

Our curriculum is diverse and culturally enriching which reflects our children being an important part of our local community as well as responsible global citizens. We embrace our diversity and celebrate our unity as a caring community through a curriculum which is broad and engaging.

Our Values-based PSHE encourages children to take responsibility within the school, to value teamwork and to treat one another and all members of the school community with care, respect and tolerance.  Through Building Learning Power (BLP), children develop resilience, seeing mistakes as a learning opportunity, becoming reflective on their own efforts.  They take pride in their own achievements and those of others.

Our children are proud to be part of Barley Hill Primary School and the Thame community; they leave as happy, confident individuals with the skills they need to tackle and relish the challenges of lifelong learning.


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Art and Design


Design and Technology



MFL - French 


Physical Education (PE)

Religious Education (RE)

Growth Mindset

Building Learning Power


Please see below to see the topics and themes that are taught in each year group.  

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to speak to the Team Leader of the year group your child is in.