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Our Barley Hill Values

Each half term, we celebrate a different value. 

We launch each value with a whole school assembly. This assembly defines the  meaning and introduces it for the half term. Then the final assembly of the half term celebrates children in each class who have shown this value. 

Children then delve further into the meaning and understanding of the value in their classes, where discussion and conversation can be had. The values curriculum follows a progressive format and children explore:  

  • What the value means to them, individually. 
  • What the value means to their friends and family. 
  • How the value impacts their local community.  
  • And finally, how the value is shown across the UK and within the wider world.   

To conclude the half term we have our celebration assembly, a child from each class is chosen to receive a certificate to take home. In addition to this, throughout the half term, class teachers award red wristbands to children demonstrating the current value. They can wear these during the school day with pride! A poster of each value is displayed in classrooms and over the course of the year, a 'wall of values' is created. 

Our values are promoted across the curriculum and link to our BLP, Growth Mindset and British Values. 

Our Barley Hill Values are: 

Value Term 
Resilience Autumn term 1
Respect Autumn term 2
Collaboration Spring term 1
Responsibility Spring term 2
Reflection Summer term 1
Ambition Summer term 2