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Mrs Gunn Miss Swift (Team Leader) Mr Brown

Hello and welcome from Miss Swift, Mrs Gunn and Mr Brown.

Welcome to our Year 5 web page!

We are delighted to be back at school in this new year with our happy and enthusiastic group of children! We have so much to look forward to this term as Year 5’s. We aim to look out for each other with kindness, encourage each other in our learning challenges and take the responsibilities of our year group with dedication – with lots of fun and laughter along the way! It is important that we all feel valued and special as we go forward together.

Collection and drop off
Year 5 children will line up on the upper playground when the whistle goes at 8:50. It’s important to be ready at this time to learn with everything we need for the day!

At the end of the school day we depart via the Year 5/6 door onto the lower playground. Often children will start to walk home, or part of the way home, independently during the year. Please inform your child’s class teacher if this is the case. Children going to after school BASH on site gather together and walk over with a teacher.

Our day
A typical day in the life of a Year 5 child will usually involve Maths and English sessions in the morning, as well as Reciprocal Reading. This is an opportunity for us to explore a text in small groups, investigate and comprehend independently and with a teacher. We will also have spelling, handwriting and Big Write sessions.

Our afternoons involve exploring our History, RE and Geography topics, investigating during Science, getting active in PE and creative with Art, Design and Computing. We take part in the Daily Mile together to improve our fitness and wellbeing. Children also have the opportunity during the year to take part in Swimming and Squash sessions, provided by local centres. The swimming is part of our KS2 curriculum, ensuring every child can swim at least 25m and be aware of how to stay safe in the water. These lessons are generally on a Tuesday, and classes will take it in turn to attend.

We will also take opportunities to practice our French speaking, singing in groups and learning about ourselves and our world through PSHE.

What do I need?
Please can all children have a pencil case, water bottle, reading book and record every day to be prepared for our learning. Children also need their trainers and PE kit in school all week for the daily mile and lessons. If your child is attending Racquets, then that term they will also need clean indoor trainers; if they are swimming they will need their swimming kit. If PE kits need to be taken home and washed please do this on a Friday and return on a Monday.

Reading in Year 5
Year 5 love to read and explore a range of texts. We encourage children to find a book that intrigues them, get into a book and finish it. We want to nurture a love of reading, and reap all the benefits that come from that.

We check children’s reading diaries once a week to see that at least 3 reads have happened at home, either independently or with an adult. Please sign their reading record at least once a week. This will then contribute to each class’ Read to Succeed chart, where the class can accumulate their success to claim a class reward! This scheme was a brilliant motivator for independent reading last year; we look forward to the success continuing this year as we build vital life skills and a love of reading!

We will take opportunities over the term to talk about books, recommend and share reading, as well as reading with the teacher at least once a week during Reciprocal Reading sessions.

Please use this link for quality books recommendations - https://images.scholastic.co.uk/assets/a/61/b8/pie-corbett-yr5-1393294.pdf

Homework in Year 5

In Year 5 children will have weekly homework tasks. These are set on a Friday and are due in by the following Thursday. No piece of homework should take longer than 20-30 minutes to complete.

Children will have a piece of Maths work which will either consolidate the week’s learning or introduce the new learning ahead. Times Table Rockstars is also available for children to log in weekly at home and complete set challenges based on the times table focus we have in school. We also complete an English homework; often this will be a comprehension task or could be handwriting or spelling based homework. On the class newsletter there are weekly spellings to learn. We adopt a mastery for all approach for spelling, meaning that there is a set list of 8-12 words per week. These will either follow a spelling pattern or will be taken directly from the set Year 5 and 6 spelling list. Homework will usually be marked together in class on a Friday, as well as spellings being tested. 

In an aim to reduce printing and be more environmentally friendly, we upload the week’s homework to the school website. If you are able to access the homework online that is a great help, though printed copies will be provided if needed.

If homework hasn’t been handed in, we offer a weekly homework club during a lunchtime for children to catch up on what they have missed.

Please speak to your child’s teacher if you have any difficulties with homework.


Parent help in Year 5
We would be delighted if any parents felt they could contribute to learning in Year 5. This could be by reading with individuals in the afternoon, or if you have particular expertise/knowledge that would contribute to our topic learning please speak to your child’s teacher.

We are happy to discuss any queries or concerns you may have. It is always best to arrange a meeting after school for this as often the mornings are busy preparing for the day.

Year 5 Topic Web Spring 1 2020