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Welcome to Year 5



Mr Brown

Mrs Gray

(Cover on Tues and Wednesday)


Miss Blagden

 Miss Bailey-Ring

(PPA cover Wed)


Miss McCarthy

      Mrs Harris (Wed)       

Miss Bailey-Ring

   (PPA cover  Thurs

TAs - Mrs Ford, Mrs Churchman, Mrs Edwards


Autumn Term 6 - 2024




Please ensure your child has their trainers in school every day so they can run the Daily Mile – we are encouraging Year 5 to improve their fitness, and the time taken to complete their laps. 

Outdoor P.E. is on Tuesday. Please can your child come to school in their P.E. kit.

Indoor PE is on  a Thursday. Please can your child come to school in their Barley Hill P.E. kit.


Homework will be handed out on Fridays and is due in the following Thursday. If your child would like to, they may attend Homework Club on Tuesday lunchtimes. 

Purple Mash and Times Table Rock Star logins will be stuck in the front of Homework books.

Other maths resources:  www.topmarks.co.uk


Please ensure your child is reading at least 3 times per week at home. Your child will need at least one parental signature in their reading diaries per week, while we do insist on reading at least 3 times. A child who reads three times per week will then add a tick to the class’s Read to Succeed chart; once we reach 200 ticks, the class will receive a class reward.

Please follow the link below for guidance on books to read in Year 5. Year 5 will visit the school library on Friday morning. Please also remember that library trips are a great opportunity for your child to broaden their literary range, so if you have not yet joined the library, please consider doing so!

Please use these links for quality book recommendations.


100-Books-To-Try-And-Read-Before-You-Leave-Year-6 .pdf


How to help at home

Below are links to information to help adults at home understand a number of the key concepts which will be taught in Year 5 this term.  


Below are a number of videos which show how we teach key concepts from this term's maths.  In Term 4, our focus is on Decimals, percentages, perimeter and area.  

Negative Numbers

Y5 Summer Block 4 TS1 Understand negative numbers on Vimeo

Y5 Summer Block 4 TS2 Count through zero in 1s on Vimeo

Y5 Summer Block 4 TS3 Count through zero in multiples on Vimeo

Y5 Summer Block 4 TS4 Compare and order negative numbers on Vimeo

Y5 Summer Block 4 TS5 Find the difference on Vimeo


Converting Units

Y5 Summer Block 5 TS1 Kilograms and kilometres on Vimeo

Y5 Summer Block 5 TS2 Millimetres and millilitres on Vimeo

Y5 Summer Block 5 TS3 Convert units of length on Vimeo

Y5 Summer Block 5 TS4 Convert between metric and imperial units on Vimeo

Y5 Summer Block 5 TS5 Convert units of time on Vimeo

Y5 Summer Block 5 TS6 Calculate with timetables on Vimeo

Measuring Volume

Y5 Summer Block 6 TS1 Cubic centimetres on Vimeo

Y5 Summer Block 6 TS2 Compare volume on Vimeo

Y5 Summer Block 6 TS3 Estimate volume on Vimeo

Y5 Summer Block 6 TS4 Estimate capacity on Vimeo


Writing and Reading:

For spelling and reading, the children need to know how to read and spell the Year Five and Year Six spelling lists which can be found here:

Statutory spellings Year 5/6

Statutory spellings handwriting sheets

The concept of inference

Inference practise sheets