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Year 1 Newsletter: 25th September 2020 Year 1.pdf

Year 1 Homework, set Friday 25th September, due Thursday 1st October

Tricky Word Spellings 25.9.20.docx

This fun addition game 'Robot Addition' on the Topmarks website can be played at three different levels: adding to 10, 20 or 15:


You can also try this sheet to help practise your additions to 20:


COVID 19 Absence Learning

From Monday 14th September, if your child presents with COVID symptoms and has to stay at home but is well enough to learn, they will be able to access weekly English, Maths and Topic work that mirrors what the children will be learning in school. Teachers will update the work by Monday morning for each week. This work can found on the tab attached to our Year 1 page.


Welcome to Year 1 at Barley Hill Primary


A very warm welcome to all our new children, parents and carers joining Year 1 in September 2020. Below you should find all the information that you need, but please do not hesitate to come and speak to us - after school or by phone works best for us. There is also the Year 1 support page available to you as a means of contacting us. We will also produce a Weekly Newsletter which will be uploaded to the top of this page each Friday - please read through this each week to be updated on what we have been learning and any important notices.


Class Name Teachers Teaching Assistants
Butterflies Mrs Roberts (Team Leader) & Mrs Plested Mrs Attridge & Mrs Kingston
Bumblebees Miss Rooney Mrs Waite, Mrs Carr & Mrs Stevenson (part of the day only)
Dragonflies Miss Walker Mrs Waite, Mrs Carr & Mrs Stevenson (part of the day only)


House Start Times Blue & Red: 8.40am, Green & Yellow: 8.55am
Morning Break 10.30 -10.45 am
Lunch Time 12.15 - 1.15pm
House Home Times Blue & Red: 3.00pm, Green & Yellow: 3.15pm

Other Information


Year 1 will have PE outdoors on Tuesdays and indoors on Wednesdays.

Please note that as of 3/9/20, we kindly ask you to bring your child changed and ready for PE on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This is to ensure we have minimal contact with the children whilst there is still the risk of COVID transmission and to ensure our PE sessions run as smoothly as possible. Children will remain in their PE kits for the whole day. They can wear their normal school shoes to school on PE days and then change into trainers once on site so that we can keep their trainers for the Daily Mile. Please can we respectfully ask you to name ALL items of your child's PE kit. It is essential for the smooth running of PE sessions that all PE kit is named clearly so that we are able to teach the children PE for the maximum session time possible rather than hunting for lost items. Thank you in advance.

Children will need trainers rather than plimsolls for outside. As well as running the Daily Mile, the children will also have the opportunity to play on the adventure playground if they are wearing trainers.

Reading At Home

It is really important to read with your child as often as possible. Your child should have the opportunity to change their school reading books twice a week - please encourage your child to do this - which allows them to read the book several times in order to gain confidence and fluency. As you are reading it is useful to stop and ask questions about what the book is about, what the characters are doing and what might happen next. At the end of the book get your child to think about what they like or did not like about the book and reasons why. Please fill in your child's Reading Diary once you have read with them - if they have their reading diary signed three times in a week then they will help their class to earn a class reward!

Autumn Term One

This term our topic is 'The Enchanted Woodland'. This is a Science based topic and we will be learning to identify different trees, leaves, flowers and woodland animals that are native to our local area . We will be reading 'Where the Wild Things Are' by Maurice Sendak and 'The Tiny Seed' by Eric Carle and our writing will be based on these books. 


In addition to reading, children will also have keywords to learn to spell every week. These are assessed through children's writing informally in groups on an on-going basis. 

Year One children will also receive a weekly activity to complete at home relating to either the English, Maths or Topic work that is currently being taught in school. These will be fun and engaging activities to consolidate learning and we do not expect your child to be spending hours doing them. A maximum of half an hour over the course of a week is plenty!

Homework activities will be given out on Fridays and children are asked to complete them by the following Thursday.

Please note that homework will not be set at the start of the Autumn term. We would like the children to enjoy a 'settling in' period first and we will start to send work home at a point we think is appropriate.

Pencil Cases

Due to COVID-19, we need to try and minimise the amount of resource-sharing the children do for the time being, so providing your child with a named pencil case and stationery items for school will greatly help to minimise the risk of spreading the virus. Please, where possible, provide the following for your child:

Writing pencils x 3

A pencil sharpener

A rubber

Colouring pencils

A small ruler that will fit inside their pencil case

1 or 2 gluesticks

Please try to name items as much as possible or mark your child's belongings in a way they can easily recognise as theirs, eg, with a coloured sticker or a notch on the pencils so they can identify them quickly. Please ensure their pencil case is named and that it is not so big that it can't be stored in their drawer: Smiggle style hardback cases are not suitable.

Your child will also need a named water bottle every day and if they have a packed lunch, please provide a named lunch box and bag.

Other equipment needed includes a pack of tissues and a book bag. We ask for no rucksacks as we are trying to minimise movement outside of the classroom.

Please do get in touch with us via the the Year 1 support page if you have any questions. We would love to hear from you!


 Yr 1 Topic Web Autumn 1 2020 final.docx

With best wishes,


The Year 1 teaching team.

Story Time with the Teachers

Mrs Plested reading 'Supertato' by Sue Hendra

Mrs Roberts reading 'Rosie's Magic Horse' by Russell Hoban


Miss Walker reads 'The Rescue Party' by Nick Butterworth

Miss Rooney reads Octopus Shocktopus! by Peter Bently