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CAMHS stands for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. CAMHS is the NHS mental health services for children and young people. Different services can make referrals to CAMHS such as educators, GPs, social workers and School Health Nurses. Referrals can be made to CAMHS for a range of reasons:

  • Children who show signs of a neurodivergent condition such as Autism or ADHD.
  • Children who need targeted family support around behaviour and/or anxiety.
  • Children who have eating disorders. 
  • Children who are/at risk of self harm. 
  • Children who have obsessions and compulsions

Once a referral is made to CAMHS it is processed by their Single Point of Access (SPA). If they accept the referral, they will go onto one of the following pathways:

  • Neurodevelopmental Conditions
    • In this pathway children are awaiting an assessment for diagnosis of Autism and/or ADHD. The waitlist is approximately 4 years for assessment.
  • Mental Health Support Team
    • In this pathway children and families receive a short term intervention focussed around anxiety or behavioural challenges. 
  • Getting Help
    • In this pathway help is offered in a range of ways depending on the presenting needs. Support can be for the family and/or the child. They will work with the family to work on a safety plan if necessary. They can offer a short-term intervention for 6-8 sessions. The waitlist for this is approximately 2 years. 
  • Getting More Help
    • In this pathway children and families are offered more long term support and intervention. It is the step above Getting Help. Again, the support can be for the family and/or child. The waitlist is shorter if they have been through Getting Help. 

All pathways offer courses and information for parents whilst they are on the waitlists. 

If the behaviours in question are not seen within school, please approach your GP or another involved professional to complete the referral.

What if I don't want to wait?

Some parents/carers choose to access private support/diagnosis. We appreciate the ability to do this is an opportunity not all parents/carers have. If you do choose to purse private support/diagnosis please see the links below:

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The Owl Centre (theowltherapycentre.co.uk)

Kamal Sawhney - Paediatrician in Buckinghamshire (circlehealthgroup.co.uk)

Harish Mallya - Paediatrician in Buckinghamshire (circlehealthgroup.co.uk)

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