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Year 4 Geography Rivers 'Wow' Day: Wednesday 24th April 2019
Year 4 Geography Rivers 'Wow' Day: Wednesday 24th April 2019


Welcome to Year 4!

Welcome back to a new term at Barley Hill!




Maths homework, spellings and talk homework for Big Write are given out every Friday. Children who regularly do their talk homework with an adult find it much easier to come up with ideas for Big Write on Monday morning, so we really appreciate your support! The rest of the homework is due by the following Friday. Reading comprehension homework will be given every other Friday. 

Year 3 & 4 Words


Big Write!

Please click on the links below to access your child's Big Write homework:


Please click on the links below to access your child's spellings:

Spellings 28/6/19



Reading                                                                                                                                                                                                  It has been fantastic to see so many children reading at home in Year 4 this last term. They have all worked together as ‘Team Ant’ to raise the levels of the class target charts and been motivated and inspired to keep up their reading! Thank you for your support with this. We would like to continue to see many more with this passion! Reading a lot at home will really help children, especially when it comes to understanding key words and comprehension questions. Please can we also request that parents do sign children’s reading records so we are able to see if children have completed books or not. If children do finish books at home, they can also read some of their own books too. We will be looking at the children’s reading journals during our Reciprocal Reading sessions and children will move up on the class reward chart when they have read at least three times. We will continue to set reading comprehension homework fortnightly. We are hoping to arrange another visit to Thame library this term to inspire our readers even more! 



To tie-in with our Geography knowledge and skills based topic, many of the units that we will look at in English will have a connection to ‘Rivers’. For instance, we will look at ‘The River Story’ by Meredith Hooper. Children will identify poetic language, respond to poems, annotate powerful verbs, key topic words and use their knowledge of a river’s course to sequence a poem and write their own poems.

Every week your child has plenty of opportunities to write. We encourage the children to write at length in many different subjects. We also have a weekly Big Write session where we focus on writing lots of different text types, e.g. traditional tale, diary entry, explanation text. This will be on a Monday.


Year 4 English Objectives

I can read further exception words, noting the unusual correspondences between spelling and sound, and where these occur in the word.

I can prepare poems and play scripts to read aloud and to perform, showing understanding through intonation, tone, volume and action.

I can discuss words and phrases that capture the reader’s interest and imagination

I can recognise some different forms of poetry [for example, free verse, narrative poetry]

I can increase the legibility, consistency and quality of my handwriting.

I can evaluate and edit by: assessing the effectiveness of their own and others’ writing and suggesting improvements. I can proof-read for spelling and punctuation errors

At home: Please share with me a variety of children’s books with a water setting / river theme.



During this term, children will continue to apply their understanding of place value using all four operations, with a particular focus upon multiplication and division through our Mastery Curriculum approach.

Children will also work on fractions, decimals and time problems. Then move onto Angles, Area, Perimeter and coordinates.

Children will also continue to practise their times tables on a daily basis with ‘Times Tables Rock stars’ tests increasing their scores and time.

I can recall multiplication and division facts for multiplication tables up to 12 × 12

I can recognise and show, using diagrams, families of common equivalent fractions.

I can identify acute and obtuse angles and compare and order angles up to two right angles by size

I can identify lines of symmetry in 2-D shapes presented in different orientations

I can calculate perimeter in centimetres and metres of rectangles.

I can use co-ordinates in the first quadrant and join to draw posited polygons.

At home: Please help me to practise recalling my multiplication and division facts to 12x12

We continue to use Mastery activities to help children develop their fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills.

Maths homework is given out weekly, and children can choose the challenge appropriate to them. You can also click on the link below to access MyMaths for additional activities. 



Our Science topic will be ‘States of Matter’.
We will be looking at how materials change as a result of changes of temperature. In particular, how water freezes at low temperatures and how water turns to water vapour at higher temperatures; how water can be formed by vapour condensing as it cools and or by ice melting as it is heated. All this Science relating to the behaviour of water links really well to our topic about rivers.

I can group materials by state (solid, liquid, gas).
I can describe what happens to water as it is heated and cooled.
I can measure temperature in degrees Celsius.
I can tell you about the water cycle.

At home: Please help me to observe different situations where substances change between the different states of matter (Solid / Liquid / Gas).


The children worked extremely hard last term and it has been wonderful to see them develop in all aspects of their school life. We are looking forward to another exciting term – the children are already keen to learn about our new topic: ‘Rivers’. If your child has any topic books on this subject or any interesting artefacts, we would encourage them to bring them in so that they can share them at school. Please see some information above about this term and a few reminders that you may find useful. As usual, please don’t hesitate to speak to us if you have any questions or concerns about your child. Thank you for your continued support this term. 

Miss Nutbrown and Year 4 Team