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Spring Term Newsletter


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For our history topic we will be undertaking an in-depth study of the Maya civilization that will provide the children with an understanding of a non-European society and how this contrasts with British history.  They will discover where and when the Maya built their magnificent civilisation and investigate how they lived, their culture and their legacy. They will examine the different types of evidence that tell us about the Maya; finding out when the Maya were first recognised by archaeologists and when this society is said to have come to an end, recognising that there are still living Maya people today. 




In our Guided Reading sessions we are currently focusing on our inference and deduction skills, by looking for clues in the text. There are lots of interesting and exciting books for Year Sixes to read and we encourage them to read as much as they can across a range of genres. We really enjoy hearing children talk about the books they have read and hope to encourage this enjoyment for reading.



We will be carrying our Crime and Punishment topic through into our English lessons, by studying Alfred Noyes' 'The Highway Man'. Through this text we will be developing our own writing across a range of genres including poetry and narratives.We will be learning how to improve and edit our writing to ensure it has a variety of complex and compound sentences, as well as some exciting conjunctions, punctuation and vocabulary. 


To view the English objectives that we will cover this year, please click on the link below:

Year 6 English Objectives



In Maths we are recapping and revising our knowledge of place value. We will be using this to help us multiply and divide numbers up to three decimal places by 10/100/1000. We will also be ensuring we have a good understanding of written methods for addition and subtraction as well as recalling our times tables quickly. All of these skills will be put into practice when solving real life problems.