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              Mrs Gunn               Miss Swift (Team Leader)


Year 5 have started the new term really well - we are getting into our topics and seeing the good success that comes from persevering and using growth mindset! We are learning about Mountains and Space. Soon we will also be learning about the Victorians.



This will be set each Friday.
Children will have a piece of Maths work (usually a mymaths online homework); a reading comprehension; a small talk for the big write - due Thursdays; and spellings to learn (tests will be on Fridays). Homework club is available on Friday lunchtimes for any children who need to catch up.
No piece of homework should take longer than 20-30 minutes to complete.
Children still need to read on a minimum of 3 times a week at home– this could be snuggled up with a book at bedtime! We keep reading records in Year 5.

Topic & Science

We are already very immersed in our Mountains topic. We have researched mountain features including climate, flora and fauna. We have used atlas skills to locate mountains around the world. We have used these good facts to write reports on mountain expeditions. Recently we have been considering the global crisis of climate change and the impact on the mountain environment. We have reported what we have learnt and written persuasively for people to change habits and look after our world.

Please see our super mountain display along the corridor!


For Space we have been learning about how the planets orbit the sun, and how this affects life on earth. We have written explanation texts to show how the seasons and day and night work, using diagrams - after a practical demonstration! We have also been using instruction writing to tell the new moon how to complete it's lunar cycle through all 8 phases. We are looking forward to our Space Dome experience later in the term.



In our Guided Reading sessions we are continuing to focus on our inference and deduction skills, by looking for clues in the text. There are lots of interesting and exciting books for Year Fives to read and we encourage them to read as much as they can across a range of genres. 

Children are encouraged to read regularly at home to ensure they get regular practice. A reading club is available on a Friday for children to continue their reading.



In English we are using our mountain topic to write in different contexts. Year 5 have written descriptively about a mountain setting, and detailed instructions on how to locate mysterious mountain creatures. We also completed a speech writing task to try and persuade an MP that they need to rescue a team of mountaineers who suffered a vicious yeti attack. Coming up we will be using the story The Hobbit by JRR Tolkein to explore further characters and descriptive settings.

We will continue to use topic to inspire our English as we move forward into Victorians later in the term.

Year 5 English Objectives


 BIG Write and the BIG Talk!

Every Thursday your child takes part in the Big Write.The children can independently show their creativity and imagination. We would love for your child to discuss the Big Write with you so they are full of ideas for the session! You can find details on the Big Write on our homework page. 



Maths subject areas being taught in these two terms include: multiplication and division written methods, geometry, coordinates, data handling, cube numbers and perimeter/area. Children will also revisit some of the areas of Maths which have been most challenging during the year, so that they can review, develop and master these areas of learning.  The children will apply their skills to real life problems and within Maths investigations. We will also continue to set homework through the ‘MyMaths’ website. 


It is really important that your child has the correct PE kit in school at all times – P.E is a national curriculum subject and without a P.E kit it is not possible to take part in these lessons. If necessary kit should be taken home for washing at the end of the week and returned on Monday morning.
Tuesday: Sharks Squash

Thursday: Indoor Gymnastics

(Swimming will return in the summer term for Dolphins in Term 5 and any children who need further practice in Term 6)