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Please click on the link below to access your child's spellings. Tests will be on Friday mornings.

SpellAnywhere Website 



This term are looking forward to another exciting two terms – the children are already keen to learn about our two new topics: ‘The Anglo Saxons’ and ‘Sound’. If your child has any topic books on these two subjects, we would encourage them to bring them in so that they can read them at school.




Thank you to so many of you who have provided support to your child by reading with them at home. We will continue to look at the children’s reading journals during our Guided Reading sessions and give rewards/prizes to the children who have managed to read with an adult at least three times outside of school within the week. We will continue to set reading comprehension homework fortnightly, which should be completed so that your child can go through the comprehension with the teacher.


Writing (We love writing!)

For the first two weeks of the term we will conclude our France Topic by reading a Ladybird Classic – ‘The Three Musketeers’. The children will be creating their own story based on the characters in this famous narrative. Following this, much of the English that we will cover in Term 5 will be connected to our new topic: ‘The River Thames’. We begin by looking at the classic children’s book, ‘The Wind in the Willows’, before writing explanation texts on the water cycle and persuasive texts relating to river pollution and people’s use of the river for leisure and industry.

As we move into Term 6 much of our English will be linked to ‘Chocolate and Fair Trade’. We will explore African traditional tales, myths and legends, before creating our own stories. Following this we will focus on writing animal poems inspired by the Saint Saens music from ‘Carnival of the Animals’.


To view the English Objectives that we will cover this year, please click on the link below:

Year 4 English Objectives



This term, we are continuing a system of giving the children a weekly times table test, as well as a termly skills test. These assessments test the children on many aspects from the new Year 4 curriculum. We hope the children will find these skills sessions useful and we hope they will enjoy seeing their score improve over time.

Below are some of the objectives that we will be covering:

Area, Perimeter & Co-ordinates

I can find the area of rectilinear shapes by counting squares.

I can find perimeter of rectilinear shapes in centimetres by counting.

I can calculate perimeter in centimetres and metres of rectangles.

I can use co-ordinates in the first quadrant and join to draw posited polygons



This term, our science topic will be 'States of Matter'.

We will be looking at how materials change as a result of changes of temperature. In particular, how water freezes at low temperatures and how water turns to water vapour at higher temperatures; how water can be formed by vapour condensing as it cools and or by ice melting as it is heated.  All this Science relating to the behaviour of water links really well to our topic about rivers.

We will also continue to set homework through the ‘MyMaths’ website which you can access your by using the following link: