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Welcome to Year 4!

Hear and listen well my friends and we will tell you of a story that happened over 1,000 years ago... So begins the epic Anglo-Saxon legend of Beowulf and Grendel...

This half of term we are focussing on the topic of the Anglo Saxons, and our English work is based on 'Beowulf' by Michael Morpurgo..We have already really enjoyed mapping and acting out a shortened version of the story, as well as identifying some of the fabulous legend language features Michael Morpurgo uses in his re-telling. 

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to talk to your child's class teacher.


Year 4 Class Assemblies:

We greatly look forward to sharing our Class Assemblies with you on the following dates:

Giraffe Class: Friday 8th February
Rhinos: Friday 10th May
Zebras: 21st June

You are more than welcome to attend at 10am or 11am on these dates.




Maths homework, spellings and talk homework for Big Write are given out every Friday. Children who regularly do their talk homework with an adult find it much easier to come up with ideas for Big Write on Monday morning, so we really appreciate your support! The rest of the homework is due by the following Friday. Reading comprehension homework will be given every other Friday. 

Year 3 & 4 Words


Big Write!

Please click on the links below to access your child's Big Write homework:



Please click on the links below to access your child's spellings:

Spellings: 08.02.19



This term we are learning all about Anglo Saxons! 

After an initial 'WOW' morning, children had worked out that we would be learning all about Anglo Saxons! We had a great introduction to our new topic using clues to help us guess as to what we might be learning about. From writing our own rune symbols to playing games, looking at old artefacts and putting together pieces of the Bayeux Tapestry we were able to discover that our new topic is: Anglo Saxons! We even listened to clips using ‘Old English’ language. That was very strange!! All these activities during our wow day meant that Year 4 discovered for themselves our new topic.

We will be looking at the chronological order of the history of the Anglo Saxons, where the Saxons came from, look at how they lived and how they constructed their villages. We will also learn about the Anglo Saxons religious beliefs, research the history of Sutton Hoo and understand what a hill fort was and how they were constructed.





Thank you to so many of you who provide support to your child by reading with them at home. We will continue to look at the children’s reading journals during our Guided Reading sessions and give reward stickers to the children who have managed to read at least three times outside of school within the week, either with an adult or independently. When reading independently, children need to write a few sentences in their reading diary to show their understanding of what they have read. 



To tie-in with our history theme, many of the units that we will look at in English will have a connection to the Anglo Saxons. For instance, we will look at ‘Beowulf’, which is an Anglo Saxon mythical story. We will use this exciting text to focus upon retelling the story with exciting vocabulary and writing our own ideas to change the story and create our own mythical story! 

Every week your child has plenty of opportunities to write. We encourage the children to write at length in many different subjects. We also have a weekly Big Write session where we focus on writing lots of different text types, e.g. traditional tale, diary entry, explanation text. This will be on a Monday.

To view the English Objectives that we will cover this year, please click on the link below:

Year 4 English Objectives


I know the difference between the plural and the possessive -s.

I use further prefixes and suffixes and understand how to add them.

I spell further homophones

I spell words that are often misspelt

I place the possessive apostrophe accurately in words with regular plurals [for example, girls’, boys’] and in words with irregular plurals [for example, children’s]

I listen to and discuss a wide range of fiction, poetry, plays, non-fiction and reference books or textbooks.

I read books that are structured in different ways and reading for a range of purposes

At home: Please read a range of stories or non-fiction texts, including about Anglo-Saxons.



During this term, children will continue to apply their understanding of place value using all four operations, with a particular focus upon multiplication and division through our Mastery Curriculum approach. Children will then move onto work on fractions, decimals and time problems., ensuring that all children:

I can recall multiplication and division facts for multiplication tables up to 12 × 12

I can use place value, known and derived facts to multiply and divide mentally, including: multiplying by 0 and 1; dividing by 1; multiplying together three numbers

I can recognise and use factor pairs and commutativity in mental calculations

I can multiply two-digit and three-digit numbers by a one-digit number using formal written layout.

I can solve problems involving multiplying and adding.

At home: Please help me to practice recalling my multiplication and division facts to 12x12

We continue to use Mastery activities to help children develop their fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills.

Maths homework is given out weekly, and children can choose the challenge appropriate to them. You can also click on the link below to access MyMaths for additional activities. 


The children worked extremely hard last term and it has been wonderful to see them develop in all aspects of their school life. We are looking forward to another exciting term – the children are already keen to learn about our new topic: ‘The Anglo Saxons’. If your child has any topic books on this subject or any interesting artefacts, we would encourage them to bring them in so that they can share them at school. Please see some information above about this term and a few reminders that you may find useful. As usual, please don’t hesitate to speak to us if you have any questions or concerns about your child. Thank you for your continued support this term.

Miss Nutbrown and Year 4 Team