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What would you do if you fell down the rabbit hole? 

What a great start to the term! Year 3 were fabulous during our school trip and learnt lots of interesting facts and behaved beautifully. We have spent the term learning the story of Alice in Wonderland which we will be rewriting next week with a new character! 

In topic, we found a time capsule which we found information about Thame and a letter written from the 1800s. We then spent our afternoon writing a letter back explaining how Thame has now changed. 

We're looking forward to another fun week of learning next week. 

Best wishes,

The Year 3 Team 

Homework & Spellings


Mindfulness Body Scan

If your child would like to take part in a mindfulness exercise at home (the body scan) please click on the link below





In Year 3 we would love for your child to read as frequently as possible. Your child has a reading book and a Reading Record diary that you can write comments in. We are also keen to see children writing their own comments about what they have read! Each Wednesday, your child will be sent home with a reading comprehension activity. Please complete this with your child for the following Wednesday. 


Writing (We love writing!)

Every week your child has plenty of opportunities to write. We encourage the children to write at length in many different subjects. We also have a weekly Big Write session where we focus on writing lots of different text types, e.g. traditional tale, diary entry, explanation text.

To view the English objectives that we will cover this year, please click on the link below:

Year 3 English Objectives


BIG Write and the BIG Talk!

Every Thursday your child takes part in the Big Write. We would love for your child to discuss the Big Write with you so they are full of ideas for the session! You can find details on the Big Write on our homework page.