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Year 4 Star Home Learning Gallery!!!!

Year 4 Covid Absence Home Learning

Hello Year 4,

Another great week of home learning, well done at home! We continue to be impressed by your hard work and resilience. We love seeing your work as you send it in! Thank you again to the adults at home supporting your children with their learning - you are doing a great job!

Please email your work to us at y4support@barley-hill.oxon.sch.uk so we can see how you are getting on with your learning.

We want to encourage you all to be reading regularly at home alongside your other learning. It is the most wonderful thing to relax and and escape whilst growing your brain! Try to find time each day to read. Year 4 can read independently and with an adult to build their confidence and reading skills.

Here's a suggested timetable for home learning, showing which lessons are live on Microsoft Teams at 12:00 each day, led by a year 4 teacher.

The live lesson will be the same lesson uploaded below, so please don't do it at home before the Microsoft Teams session.

We have tried to support home learning by choosing which lessons in the week will most benefit from being a teacher-led session, which means our timetable of subjects varies each week.

The BBC have published this amazing timetable of home learning! You are welcome to dip into it if you feel it would benefit your child alongside the curriculum we are providing from school. We're particularly looking forward to the Celebrity Supply Teacher! 



 Friday 29th English.pptxDownload
 LKS2 Writing Success Criteria.docxDownload
 Monday 25th English.pptxDownload
 Monday 25th planning hand with first two completed.docxDownload
 Monday 25th planning hand.docxDownload
 Thursday grammar prepositions.pdfDownload
 Thursday Grammar Prepositions.pptDownload
 Tuesday 26th English.pptxDownload
 Tuesday 26th January 2021 introduction writing frame.docxDownload
 Wednesday 27th English.pptxDownload
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 Friday 22nd January Perfect tense.pptxDownload
 Friday activity.pdfDownload
 Friday extension activity.pdfDownload
 Monday 18th January 2021 English.pptxDownload
 Monday 18th January Support writing frame.docxDownload
 Thursday 21st January Present Tense.pptDownload
 Thursday activity.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 19th January 2021 English.pptxDownload
 Wednesday January 2021 English.pptxDownload
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Spellings - week 4

We will upload a new list of spellings to practice and learn at home each week, following spelling patterns. The spellings we practice in English lessons are from the compulsory Year 3/4 spelling list.

These focus on the same prefix 'sub''.

We encourage you to use a dictionary with your children if they are unsure of the word meaning and choose a range of strategies to rehearse and learn them.

MATHS: Division 

 Friday maths PPT- division word problems.pptxDownload
 Friday maths- Deepen It and Challenge.docxDownload
 Friday maths- Do it and Secure it.docxDownload
 Maths Monday 18th Jan questions.docxDownload
 Mon Maths PPT- divide 2 digits by 1 digit- JM.pptxDownload
 Thurs maths- Deepen It and Challenge JM.docxDownload
 Thurs maths- Do it and Secure it JM.docxDownload
 Thursday Maths PPT- divide 2 digits by 1 digit- different methods.pptxDownload
 Tues Maths PPT recap dividing 2 digits by 1 digit.pptxDownload
 Tuesday 19th Jan questions.docxDownload
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Science: Go on a scavenger hunt as part of your daily exercise with your twig spotter sheet! How many twigs can you find?

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DT and Art

 Art- Totem poles.pptxDownload
 Blank totem pole template.docxDownload
 Colouring totem pole.docxDownload
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Topic: Hear all about Mrs Womack's Road trip to the USA. Hear all about it!

 USA NW sound 2.pptmDownload
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Topic: sorting activity for famous physical features and files to help you with Purple Mash postcard.

Please enter some files.
 sorting man made and physical activity.pdfDownload
 Topic Physical features landmarks 18t Jan.pptDownload
 _physical_features_of_the_us fact files.pdfDownload
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As we celebrate this month's school value, here is a certificate for you all! Email and tell us how you have shown determination at home, or tell us someone in your house who deserves this certificate and why!

Purple Mash: You have been set a 2do. Write a postcard from a place you would love to visit in America.

Use Mrs Womack's Power point and the fact files above to help you choose your destination. What would you tell the person about it? Download the files above in the topic section to help you. You can draw a picture on the front of the postcard and write about it.  


 French Activity Sheet Counting Foods.pdfDownload
 French Please May I Have.pptxDownload
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It sounds like lots of you are staying active with daily walks, cycles or joining in with Joe Wicks' PE. Here's to challenge to do with someone at home - try not to get too competitive!

 Connect 4 Fitness.pptxDownload
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Cake recipe from this week's Wellbeing Wednesday


 Biscuit recipe.docxDownload
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 Biscoff Cake recipe.docxDownload
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