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Year 3 Covid-19 Absence Home Learning

If your child is off school for more than a day and they are well enough, please use the resources below.  Teachers will update the work by Monday morning for each week. Please email any work they produce to your child's teacher so we can provide feedback!


Maths Planning for week beginning 19th October

 Week 7 Maths powerpoint.pptx

Maths planning for week beginning 12th October

Maths Powerpoint and activities

English planning for week beginning 19th October

Please note you do not have to print any of these worksheets below out.  It is ok to adapt them to suit your child working in their home environment and to make your own versions of these ,or just to write on plain paper or type ideas straight onto an email. 

Week 7 Ultimate Predator 

Lesson plans to create Ultimate Predator

Can I use my knowledge to create an ultimate predator worksheet

Predator knowledge-organiser.pdf

For research: Deadly 60 website  and National Geographic Kids

Science and Topic for week beginning 19th October

Please follow the links to below for work that supports our Science learning on 'Animals including Humans' and our topic work on 'Predators'.  The BBC Deadly 60 website/iPlayer page is brilliant and has lots of informative programmes about predatory animals that we will be accessing throughout the topic so please choose episodes to watch at the link below.

Deadly 60 iPlayer  https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/b00t2kc7/deadly-60

Predator Top Trumps card game.pdf

Human Skeletonbones_and_skeletons powerpoint.pptSkeleton to label