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Year 2 Covid Home-Learning

Please find a timetable with learning opportunities below.  Please email us on the Y2 support page if you have any questions, and we would love to see your child's work each day.  Reading is still the number one activity to do at home that can help with your child's overall education. 10 minutes reading to an adult can help maintain your child's reading skills. Please see information about reading below.

Miss Fraser will be live on Teams every day at 10am, and on a Wednesday at 3pm!

Timetable for home learning for week beginning 18th January:

Home learning timetable 18th January 2021.docx


Below are the powerpoints that are used in school this week.  You can use these to help with your teaching.  They are clearly labelled, within the powerpoint, with what is taught each day.  The lesson that will be taught LIVE is clearly labelled on the powerpoint and on the timetable above


Monday lesson.pptx   This will be taught LIVE on TEAMs at 10am

Tuesday English lesson.pptx

Wednesday English lesson.pptx 

Thursday English lesson.pptx  This will be taught LIVE on TEAMs at 10am

Tuesday's adapted planning.pptx

Wednesday adapted planning.pptx

Thursday adapted planning.pptx

If your child needs extra support with writing, then they can use the writing frames below each day to help them write their story.  These can be used for any child who is working below the expected level as shown on your school report from a few weeks ago.  In school, they would use this writing frame but be expected to use their phonics independently to sound out the spelling of words

Monday writing frame.docx

Tuesday writing frame.docx

Wednesday writing frame.docx

Thursday writing frame.docx



The PhonicsPlay website has been made free for this lockdown - it has a fantastic range of games to play. Use the Phase 3, Phase 4, Phase 5 or Phase 6 games!

Maths (multiplication and division):

Maths Week 3.pptx


Week 3 Geography treasure maps.pptx

Blank treasure map template.docx

Sea explorer factfiles.docx


Week 3 DT make your own lighthouse (1).pptx


Helping your child with reading at home:

Reading during lockdown Year 2.docx

Each Friday you may come into the school hall to change your child's reading books. Please bring in any that you have at home so we can quarantine these, and then take 2 home for the week to read.  See parentmail for more information.

There are a number of free e-books on the Oxford Owl webpage.  There are also some great apps such as Reading Eggs or Teach Your Monster To Read.  When reading aloud, we want to aim for all the children to gain fluency.  They can practise this by re-reading sentences that they had read previously.  It is important to check that your child understands what they are reading by asking them questions such as,

What happened on this page? Why did the character do...? Why do you think that happened? What do you think will happen next?  What word did the author use to describe …….?