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Year 1 COVID Absence Home Learning

This page will have our school lessons added to it each week in case you need to self isolate and be at home. Weekly homework- including Purple Mash and Mathletics- is to be found at the bottom of this page.


Reading is still the number one activity to do at home that can help with your child's overall education. Just ten minutes daily reading to an adult can help your child to make steady progress with their reading skills. To support reading at home, we have included links to reading sites below and an information letter to support you with home reading.


Oxfordshire Library online ebooks and eaudio service:


Extra Phonics Resources to support home learning:

On the Year 1 page you will find links to two videos which show you the sounds that the children have learnt and which they should be able to apply in their reading. 

Flashcards 1 -vowel-digraphs.pdf


Flashcards 2.pdf

Week Beginning Monday 18th July

The extremely hot weather means that school is currently closed. Below are some activities for you to try at home:






This week the children have been assigned the homework ‘Groups of 10’ and ‘Groups of 5’. Homework will be available until Sunday 17th July.

You can always have fun at home with more Mathletics activities. Why don't you 'Play Live?' Log in as normal, then go to the green 'Play'  button. Click, then choose to play live Mathletics. You can play against others in your class, school and even around the world. Or scroll to the bottom of the page and choose one of the apps to play, like 'Play Paws' or 'Rainforest Maths'. Have a great time playing!

Purple Mash

This week on Purple Mash the children have been assigned a 2Do that will help them to practice some common blends; sp, st, sw, tr, and tw.

Log-in details for Purple Mash can be found glued into the children's reading diaries. 

Extra home learning, if you wish!
Year 1 Common Exception Words

Below you will find the Year 1 'Common Exception Words'. These are the words that Year 1 children are expected to know by the end of the school year. Common exception words are words that don't follow any spelling rules, so we just have to learn them! Do try to learn some every week: around 5 to 6 is a good amount.