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Year 1 COVID Absence Home Learning

Hello Year 1,

WELL DONE to all our Home Learners for their determination, hard work and resilience with adapting to our new way of learning from home.  We are so proud of you! Thank you so much parents and carers for your patience and support with this too, it is so appreciated.

Please email your work to us at y1support@barley-hill.oxon.sch.uk so we can see how you are getting on with your learning.

Please note that every week day morning at 9am, we will be leading a live teaching lesson. Please log into this using your TEAMS login details that have been emailed to you via the Year 1 support page. We include a timetable above to show you which lessons will be taught on which day in the live session and suggested lessons for your child over the course of the week.

Live lessons for Phonics and Maths will mirror the PowerPoint or Word document planning for these subjects attached  below, so please do not complete lessons on the PowerPoint before live lessons, as your child would then be repeating the learning.

We fully appreciate that many of you are trying to juggle your own work and other commitments and teach your children all at the same time. We know how stressful this can be and that you will need to fit learning around your own timetables in a way that works for you. Ideally, Yr 1 children should to try complete 3 hours home learning per day. Prioritise the Maths, Phonics and English lessons/activities daily. Please also attend the 1 hour daily online lessons as much as possible and then you could vary the rest of your day with either Topic, Science, ICT, Art or PE. 

Reading is still the number one activity to do at home that can help with your child's overall education. Ten minutes daily reading to an adult can help maintain your child's reading skills. To support reading at home, we have included links to reading sites below and an information letter to support you with home reading.

Reading Resources to support reading at home:

Reading during lockdown Year 1.docx

Reading Vipers Information for parents and carers:

Reading VIPERS Question Stems KS1 - PDF.pdf

Oxford Owl Free ebook library:


Oxfordshire Library online ebooks and eaudio service:



Week beg 18th January 2021


Lesson 1 -  Wanted Poster Lesson 1 Powerpoint.pptx



Lesson 2 -Wanted Poster Powerpoint lesson 2.pptx

Wanted template Wolf Three Little Pigs.docx

Word mat The-Three-Little-Pigs.pdf



Continuous Provision - Description of the wolf.docx


Resources we use in school to support writing 


sound mat phase-2-to-5.pdf



During lockdown, it is a really good time for the children to practise their cursive handwriting and try to get their letters sitting nicely on the line and be a consistent size. On YouTube if you type ‘mr teach cursive’ there are some simple clips to follow For the week beginning 18th January, please focus on the letters

c, o, a and d. All of these letters start in the same place and are formed in similar ways  

Maths week beginning 18th January 2021


Maths Spring 1 week 3 continuous provision activity 1..docx


Maths Spring 1 week 3 lesson 1 w:c 18.01.21. Counting 11-20 pptx.pptx - Live teaching session


Practise counting forwards and backwards from 0-20. Try to not always start at 0. Practise counting to and from 10-20. Practise reading and writing your numbers from 1-20 in numerals and words.  Make sure you have written your digits the correct way round.


Maths Spring 1 Week 3 lesson 2 w:c 18.01.21 Numbers 11-20. - Live teaching session


Maths Spring 1 week 3 continous provision activity 2. 2d shape patterns.docx

Videos to support home learning on numbers 11-20:




Tuesday- Lesson 1

The United Kingdom.pptx

Activity- Map of the United Kingdom

Continuous Provision- UK Word search

Thursday- Lesson 2

PowerPoint- Weather in the United Kingdom

Activity- Weather Chart

 Continuous Provision- Write a Weather Report


Phase 3 WK 12:Phase 5a week 1.pdf

Monday Phase 3 week 12 'er' sentences.docx

Tuesday 2 syllable word images & sentences.docx

Wednesday sentences 'wh'.docx

Friday oh:could sentences.docx

Extra Phonics Resources to support home learning:



Phase 3flashcards-consonant-digraphs.pdf

phase3-tricky. words pdf.pdf



Obb and Bob.pdf


Computing/ ICT

The children have been set two pieces of Purple Mash homework this week.The first activity is called ‘The Wrong Sandwich’. The children need to look at the instruction and see why the sandwich has been made incorrectly and then correct the instructions to complete it correctly.

The second activity is called ‘Crispy Cakes Recipe Sequence’. The children need to create the algorithm (set of instructions) to make these cakes. You may, if you have the ingredients, want to physically make these to make the experience even more special. Mmm!

Additionally, the children have been set two activities to complete on Mathletics, both of which consolidate their learning of 2D shapes.


Here is an online video showing you how to draw The Big Bad Wolf. Enjoy!



Below are links to some PE activities you can try at home: switch off those screens for a bit and get active!

PE with Joe Wicks is back on you tube. Search 'PE with Joe" on Youtube and the links to his live lessons will pop up.

 Connect 4 Fitness.pptx



Areas of interest-Space

This week, CBeebies are running a series of programmes about Space. Even though this isn’t our current topic this term, we will be studying Space this year so your child may well enjoy watching some of these programmes. Please see the below link for the timetable of programmes