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Tadpoles Ladybirds Caterpillars
Mrs King & Mrs Cyna Miss Rooney & Mrs Romeril Mrs Davies (Team Leader) & 
Mrs Romeril

Hello and welcome from the Reception team at Barley Hill Primary School!

Caterpillar Class - Mrs Davies, Mrs Romeril, Mrs Clarke and Ms Webb

Ladybird Class - Mrs Rooney, Mrs Romeril and Mrs Raja

Tadpoles Class - Mrs King, Mrs Cyna and Mrs Poulter 

Home Learning


EYFS daily timetable

Diary entry for Olive (Caterpillar Class)

Diary entry for Olive 2

Diary entry for Olive 3

Diary entry for Buddy (Ladybird Class)

Diary entry for Buddy 2

Diary entry for Buddy 3

Diary entry for Benji (Tadpole class)

Diary entry for Benji 2

Diary entry for Benji 3

Weekly Home Learning

home learning last week of term

memories jar

cautious caterpillar

spreading my wings  

Farewell Videos from EYFS Staff 

Mrs Davies video

Mrs Clarke video

Miss Rooney video

Mrs Raja video

Mrs King video

Mrs Cyna video

Mrs Poulter video

Mrs Romeril Video

Supertato home learning week 6

supertato wanted poster

food clue labels

edible paint

phase 2 word mat

phase 3 word mat


home learning week 5 term 6

Oliver's recipe

oliver's vegetables story

oliver's vegetable word mat


home learning week 4 term 6

mini beast match cards

mini beast hunt and find

mini beast word mat

alphabet mat


Food diary Hungry Caterpillar

home learning week3 term 6

word mat hungry caterpillar

hungry caterpillar story

Home Learning Summer Term 2 Week 1

home-learning-summer-term-wk 2 term 6.docx

Home Learning Summer Term Week 5

Five Finger story retelling sheet

What makes a healthy lunchbox- cutting and sticking sheet

Home Learning Summer Term Week 4

Home Learning Summer Term Week 3 

Three Bears letter template

Speech bubble format

Home Learning Summer Term Week 2

Home Learning Summer Term Week 1

Home Learning- Easter Break

Home Learning- Easter Break (egg hunt resources)

Home Learning Week 2

Home Learning Week 1



Early Years Foundation Stage

On this page you will find all the information you may require linked to what is happening across the Early Years Unit including the topics we are covering, examples of activities on offer, what your child needs whilst at school and what you can do at home to help with your child’s learning and development. Reception is the children’s first experience of school and we wish for it to be a positive one! The children’s leaning takes place both inside and out and our aim is to support them in becoming independent, enthusiastic and life-long learners.

Coming into school

We encourage the children to come into class as independently as possible at 9:00am. The children each have their own peg to hang their items on and have been shown where to put their bookbags, water bottles, snacks and any lunch boxes. For the first few weeks you are invited in to support your child in their transition to school, but we always encourage the children, where possible to complete these tasks with as little adult help as possible. Please do not worry if you feel that your little one may need a bit more support or a few extra reminders, we are always there to help.

As the term progresses, we will ask you to send your child through the red classroom door independently so that they can put their belongings away and begin their morning tasks.

Our Day

The children in Reception have free flow access to both the inside and outside environment. Throughout the day the children will take part in several whole class and group teaching sessions such as Phonics, Maths and Literacy as well as being able to self-select resources of their choosing within the classroom and the garden.

Examples of activities that the children can freely access are playdough, role play, puppets, junk modelling, arts and crafts, painting, small world role play, cooking in the mud kitchen, dressing up, planting or performing on the stage in our garden.

As well as free access to the garden which includes bikes, scooters and climbing equipment, the children are also able to improve their co-ordination and balance during our weekly PE sessions where we explore skills ranging from throwing and catching to dance to gymnastics.

We finish each day by sharing a story as a class.


This term we are learning all about ourselves and our bodies as well as where we live and what it is like to be part of the Barley Hill School community. Please see the attached topic web for an overview of our learning.

EYFS Topic Web Summer 2 2020

EYFS Topic Web Summer 2 2020

EYFS Topic Summer 1 2020

EYFS Topic Web Spring 2 2020

EYFS Topic Web Spring 1 2020

Autumn Term topic web- Thame and All about Me!

What do the children need?

In the classroom:

It is important that the children have a book bag with them each day as not only will adults be reading with the children, but this is also where we will put letters and information that we need to share with you. It is very important therefore that you check your child’s book bag each day.

Your child will need a coat with them each day, regardless of what the weather is like when you leave home in the morning. In the winter months they will also needs gloves and hats and as the sun comes out, they will need sun protection and sun hats. Please ensure that all items are named.

Your child will need a piece of fruit with them each day and a bottle of water. Please do not put squash or juice in water bottles and please ensure that if sending in grapes, they are cut up accordingly. Snack pots and water bottles will be kept on trolleys in the classroom.

If your child is having a packed lunch, then this will also be kept within the classroom. Please ensure no nuts and no celery.

The children take part in a weekly P.E. lesson each Thursday and are required to have a full and named P.E. kit in school. If you would like to take it home each Friday for it to be washed, please ensure it is back in school each Monday.

Outside the classroom:

Children need a named pair of wellies that will be kept in school. Children have free access to the garden throughout the day and they will also need waterproof trousers or all in ones that they can wear when necessary. If you have difficulty finding waterproofs, then please let your child’s class teacher know as we do have some spares available.

Reading in Reception

In Reception we love to read, and the children are read to by an adult each and every day. Each of our classes have a designated book corner as well as having book shelves in our shared areas and access to books in the garden.

We have a reading scheme within school and your child will bring home a banded book which they can share with you at home. Your child will also receive a reading diary where you can record each time you read with your child. Books will be changed twice a week by the class teachers.

Home Learning

As well as reading at home, we encourage children to take part in weekly home learning activities. Each class has a Home Learning Library which you can access with your child on a Friday at 2:50pm. The packs contain very practical apparatus and cover all areas of the EYFS curriculum. You and your child can choose a learning pack, take it home to explore and complete the tasks included. Learning Library packs are to be returned by the following Wednesday.


If you are interested in volunteering within Reception, then please do get in touch with your child’s class teacher so that we can discuss the relevant steps and find an activity and time that suits both you and the school. Volunteer work can vary from hearing children read, helping with arts and crafts or even planting in the garden!

The first year of school can be a scary time for children (and parents!) so if you have any questions or concerns then please do not hesitate to get in touch with your child’s class teacher and we will do all that we can to help.

Final Reminders

Please remember we are a ‘nut free’ school. We have some children and adults with severe nut allergies, so it is important that no nuts are sent into school even in empty boxes for junk modelling.

If your child requires the use of an inhaler it is vital that we have one on the premises so please ensure one is sent in. 

Thank you for your support in settling the children so well and ensuring that they have a wonderful

start to their journey at Barley Hill Primary School! 

 The EYFS Team