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Barley Hill Primary School

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Masked Reader Videos!

Welcome to Barley Hill's Masked Reader Competition 2022!

In this episode, the readers will be reading an extract from 'An Emotional Menagerie' but their appearance has been masked! Do you have what it takes to guess who it is?

Watch the videos and then choose which adult you think it is in the form below!

Masked Reader Answer Form

 On Thursday 3rd March - World Book Day - a reveal video will be posted on this page!

The big reveal....

 A huge thank you to all the adults who took part! 

A is for Anger

C is for Curiosity

D is for Daydreaming

H is for Happiness

J is for Jealousy

K is for Kindness

O is for Obsession

P is for Panic

S is for Shy

T is for Tranquillity

U is for Uncertainty

X is for eXcitement