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Remote Education

Remote Learning Offer – January 2021

Please find below an outline of our remote learning offer for the current lockdown period.

Live Teaching
One lesson per day will be taught live, via Teams, by a Teacher in your child’s year group.

We are aware that in the current situation, more than one child may be at home in any one household, we have therefore staggered the time of the daily teaching, in the aim to enable all families to access this.

Please see below for the planned schedule:

Children will need to attend their live teaching session with access to a pencil case and paper. The lessons will be interactive, with the full engagement of all participants expected in order for each child to continue to engage with the curriculum remotely. Please refer to the Teams User Agreement which outlines expectations of all household members.

Curriculum Offer
Alongside our live teaching offer daily, Teachers will continue to upload the teaching PowerPoints to the ‘COVID Absence Home Learning’ section on the year group page of our school website. Please see below for an overview of this, as sent to parents on 14th September 2020:

On Monday morning each week, Teachers will upload their teaching PowerPoints for Maths, English, Topic and Science to their year group web page on our school website. The PowerPoints will clearly distinguish the days of the week within them, so your child will simply access the days that are relevant to their absence. The PowerPoint will contain the teaching points and the relevant resources, eg text extracts, worked examples, teaching videos, etc. They will also contain the questions/activities the children will engage in relating to the learning question for the lesson. These are the same PowerPoints Teachers have created to use in the classroom with the children attending school and directly reflect the content of the lessons. The computing session for the week will be assigned to your child in Purple Mash via the ‘2Dos’ tab.

Each week, the home learning will be overwritten to contain the new learning, so as to ensure children are accessing the current lessons and learning.

We request that a photograph of your child’s learning for the day is sent to the year group support email, where your child’s Class Teacher will provide feedback and any relevant next steps.

Alongside the above, children are also encouraged to read to an adult and are welcome to log into Mathletics to engage with the activities on this platform.

Well-Being Sessions
Alongside our live teaching offer and the remote learning via the school website, we will also offer ‘Well-Being Sessions’ each week at the times indicated above. Your child is invited to log in at this time to engage in a live well-being activity with a Teacher in their year group. This could involve home baking, sharing a story, a mindfulness activity, etc. As you know, supporting children's mental health is at the heart of our ethos, therefore we hope that the timetable above will enable increased support for children at such a difficult and uncertain time.

Teachers are available to interact with families via the year group support email and senior staff are contactable via pa@barley-hill.oxon.sch.uk Through continued access to blended learning via live teaching and remote learning, as well as feedback through support emails, Purple Mash and engaging with live sessions, it is our aim that the impact of any closure will be minimal on children’s academic progress and emotional well-being.

Remote Education Provision: Information for Parents January 2021