Eco Committee

What does the Eco Committee do?

The Eco committee helps our school to be more Eco friendly .We have weekly meetings and we announce things in assembly to keep you up to date.


What are the Eco Committee’s projects this year?

Our projects this year are: organising a pet bedding company,  sorting out the compost bins and finally we are working on improving the nature area. We want to achieve these projects by doing lots of fundraising, such as: our recycling themed mufti day, toy sales and competitions. We aim to earn money for wood chippings and plants.

Currently we are posting 'Green Recycling' bin signs on the green bins in each classroom. We have also started transferring compost from the Key Stage 2 compost bins to the bins in the garden  in preparation for planting the beds


How can you be Eco friendly at home?

You can turn off the lights when you’re not in .You can also recycle, don’t waste paper and turn off the heating when you don’t need it on. You can save water by having showers instead of baths.