Citizenship Buddies

The Citizenship buddies are made up of two children from Years 2 to 6. We work together to make sure the children at Barley Hill feel safe and build good relationships with each other and the adults they work with.

We had a rather successful anti-bullying week in Term 2 where we made sure everyone understood what bullying is and how to stop it. This resulted in some wonderful poster entries and winners which you can spot around school!

At the start of the year we asked each class to complete a questionnaire to tell us what they think about behaviour and safety.  We then used our findings to put together an action plan for the year.  As part of our school questionnaire, we identified a few areas to improve, including the quiet area and hall. We have created a set of rules for each which we hope will make these areas better so everyone feels happy at Barley Hill School.

During whole school assemblies we tell the school what changes we are making, then we send out new questionnaires to find out how the new systems are working and how we can improve them. Although we are a small group of children we act on the advice of the whole school to make our school a better place.

We hope to continue making Barley Hill a safe and fun school for everyone.