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This term we are learning about 'The Arts' (e.g. music, dance and drama).  We are having visits from several musicians such as a pianist, someone who plays the drums and someone who plays the didgeridoo! The children will be learning a dance so that they can take part in the Thame Dance Festival. We have made a stage so that they can perform in the outdoor area and we also have a role play area that has been set up as 'Britain's Got Talent'.


Reading and Phonics

Reading to your child everyday is a very important part of Early Reading. Research has shown that little and often is the best approach. It is also important that you share the  books that your child brings home every week. Please record any reading that you do with your child in their diary.

Please click on the link below to see how you can help your child with phonics:

Helping Your Child with Phonics


The links below will help to support your children with phonics play and literacy. 

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Letter and Sounds

Phonics Play